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Residents demand share of national water projects rolled out in Murang’a

Residents of Murang’a County are demanding a share of water from national projects implemented in the county.

Led by Gatanga Member of Parliament Nduati Ngugi, the locals want at least six per cent of water being generated from Ndakaini Dam and the soon to be completed Northern Water Collector Tunnel.

“We only want 10,000 cubic meters of water generated by both Ndakaini Dam and the Northern Water Collector Tunnel. How can you host something that has no benefit to you?,” posed Mr Ngugi.

He was speaking on Wednesday when a team from the national government and Nairobi County toured Ndakaini Dam.

The legislator also dismissed claims the residents had been sabotaging the progress of water levels at Ndakaini Dam, saying they were also concerned by the situation at the facility that supplies 84 per cent of water to Nairobi residents.

Ministry of Water chief administrative secretary Winnie Guchu said the ministry is working on “a good roadmap” to compensate the people of Murang’a for hosting the Northern Water Collector Tunnel.

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