Charles Masheti
Geoffrey Griffin
Starehe Boys Centre

Restore Starehe’s glory

The thousands of beneficiaries of Starehe Boys Centre and School’s charitable work in the education sector are keen on the latest events unfolding at the erstwhile academic giant, 13 years since founding director Geoffrey Griffin died.

The death of Griffin, and shortly after that of head of academics Yussuf King’ala, seems to have left a big gap that the institution has been grappling with over the years.

The acrimonious exit of former director Charles Masheti barely six months after he was appointed should be a wake-up call to Starehe management to put its house in order.

By regaining its past status as a model centre for academic excellence, Starehe will inspire confidence among donors, securing finances that it needs to mould the future of hundreds of bright and needy students under its care. The appointment of a caretaker committee to shepherd Starehe back on track is a step in the right direction.

However, the new team should start by addressing the root causes of deteriorating academic standards starting with concerns raised by the staff during a go-slow early March as well as putting in place measures to ensure prudent use of the limited funds.

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