Right incentives will create young investors

Youth unemployment is one of the most fundamental challenges in Kenya and Africa. This is made worse by the fact that there is a huge gap between those entering the job market and newly created jobs. We therefore must purpose to raise a generation of entrepreneurs who view challenges and problems in their environment as business opportunities and support them through access to finance, mentoring and coaching programmes, continuous provision of information about opportunities, start-up incubators, entrepreneurial skills capacity building, and create a business environment conducive to entrepreneurial activitiesTime has come for us to trust young people because they are smart, energetic and innovative.The challenge is that most young people do not have capital to start their own businesses. We must make effort to degrade risks inherent in lending to young entrepreneurs in order to pave way for funds inflows, job creation and opportunity to grow an economy led by young investors.National and County governments should understand that if they prioritise young people and build strong institutions that drive development they will empower them to invest in business.Young investors are looking for spaces that allow value-added growth, regional connectivity, multi-generational development and shared purpose so as to manage their investment decisions because investing involves risk. Some experts argue that the insurance industry has a significant part to play in promoting investment resilience for young investors.Moving forward, we expect to see active initiatives at all levels of government that provide early stage finance so entrepreneurs can research on whether an idea or product is feasible before rolling it out.Also, the government should sponsor platforms to strengthen youth-led start-ups aimed at attracting foreign investors.

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