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Safaricom’s Launch of 5G Network Underway

Safaricom’s launch of 5G services has began following the telco’s trial of a new and innovative network coverage technology dubbed TubeStar Base Station that is aimed at enhancing coverage in urban areas.

Tubestar replaces the standard tower base station with a tubular structure that occupies up to 75 per cent less the land typically required.

In addition, the TubeStar eliminates the need for a compound and perimeter wall around the base station by incorporating all equipment within the tower structure.

Speaking during the launch of the technology, Thibaud Rerolle, Safaricom’s Chief Technology Officer, said that the innovation will enable the telco to meet the emerging demands of Kenya’s fast-paced urban environments.

“Over the last 18 years, Safaricom has established itself as a global innovation leader through constant and deliberate investment in innovative and ground-breaking technologies. Ultimately, our goal has been to provide our customers with world-class connectivity and networks. ” he said.

The TubeStar is targeted at urban areas which present a space constraint when putting up network towers. Placing standard towers in such locations has been difficult as most landowners have future plans for currently unutilised land or have already put up structures on the entire land leaving little space for a typical base station.

The first Tubestar has already been deployed in clayworks and will provide coverage along the Roysambu route.

The technology also eliminates the need for diesel generators by replacing these with high-performance lithium batteries, cutting down on pollution and emissions from network sites.

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