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Sasini Plc Appoints Martin Ochieng as its Group MD

Sasini Plc says it has settled on Martin R Ochien’g as its Group Managing Director after Stephen Maina Githiga notified its board he will not be renewing his current two year contract.

The position was in care of Samuel Kanga Odalo, its Group Financial Controller, since Mr Maina’s resignation in November 2018.

Mr Ochien’g holds Master of Business Administration, Degree in Strategic Marketing and Management from Oxford Brookes University, England, and a First Class Honours Bachelor of Science degree from Moi University.

He has 25 years of experience in international trade and business management and leadership industry leading global firms such as 3M Healthcare, Warner Lambert/ Pfizer Inc., and Pfizer South Africa where he worked as Head of Marketing for sub-Saharan Africa markets.

In leadership capacities, he was Head of Global Marketing at KWV International, Marketing and Strategy Director for Africa and Middle East at Tyco International, Managing Director for EMEA at Tyco Commercial Services, GHM South Africa’s Chief Executive Officer and SGA Security Kenya’s MD.

Mr Ochien’g is also a board member of Maseno Alumni Investments Ltd and chairs its Corporate Governance Committee.

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