Andrew Kamau
Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Sh500,000 fine for illicit gas dealers

Thousands of Kenya’s illegal Liquefied Petroleum Gas dealers face penalties of up to Sh500,000 in proposed new tough regulations on handling and storage of cylinders.

The new rules aimed at boosting the safety of consumers and weeding out rogue dealers, according to Petroleum and Mines ministry principal secretary Andrew Kamau, will see the disbanding of the current system where oil marketers accept cylinders from rival brands during refills on a backlog of transfer payment.

The gas cylinder exchange pool took effect in 2009 and enabled consumers to refill gas at any of the dealers’ stations.

Under the proposed rules, release of bulk LPG to facilities not licensed under the regulations will see dealers attract a penalty of Sh500,000. The ERC has been on the spot following re-emergence of illegal LPG dealers operating largely in residential areas.

Twenty three companies are licensed to import LPG as at last August, according to ERC. Unauthorised refilling of LPG cylinders will see culprits pay a fine of Sh20,000 for each cylinder. Unauthorised possession of LPG seals without the cylinder brand owner’s authority will cost Sh20,000.

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