Valentine’s Day

Simple ways to cash in on Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day may not technically be a holiday, but that hasn’t stopped people across the world from celebrating it.

Couples plan nights out, friends share gifts and groups plot memorable getaways. February 14 is no longer exclusive to lovers and romance.

And with this shift, entrepreneurs stand to make a tidy sum from the varied customer demands that now mark the day. All you need to do is line your business ducks in a row to cash in on the day. Here’s how to get started.

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Roses are great but they’re not the be-all and end-all of Valentine’s Day festivities. A bouquet of red roses starts from Sh600 at wholesale prices, and can be resold at anything from Sh1,000.

Creating unique gift baskets, however, can be even more profitable. Come up with various combinations of love-themed items like chocolates, wine, spa dates, fancy fruit and toys, and package these up in themed baskets.

Gift baskets can start from Sh2,500, just be careful to consider your profit margin and offer delivery services.

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Planning a great date requires a lot more than picking a random place out of a hat – but it’s not something everyone keeps in mind. You can offer your help here.

Start with friends or colleagues and put together a few itineraries that are too good to pass up.

Think of a variety of options for various budgets after looking up locations, photographers, restaurants, transport options and so on. Do the due diligence that will ensure the date goes off without a hitch.

Of course, since this year the day falls on a weekday, full-day activities may not be possible, so think up ideas around a romantic lunch, fine dining experience, movie night or even wine and paint plans.

Consider throwing in a bouquet of flowers, simple jewellery or chocolates to sweeten the package.

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Galentine’s is a fictional holiday first celebrated in the sitcom Parks and Recreation that later went mainstream.

It’s basically Valentine’s for single girlfriends who don’t want to be alone on the day, so they celebrate friendship. Why not call up all your single friends and ask them to invite their friends to a party tailored for women celebrating their friendship with other women?

You can charge a fixed cost to cover food, décor, venue and entertainment, and you may want to include gift baskets.

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Are you a gifted writer? Can you write amazing love letters that make people swoon just by putting sweet nothings on paper? Then cash in on this.

Many lovers will be happy enough to pay you to help them make Valentine’s extra special for the one they love, especially if they’re not that gifted at waxing lyrical.

You can craft unique love letters and put them up for sale, or offer your services online for individual contracts. Arm yourself with manila paper, glue, ribbons, glitter, dried flowers and any other materials you would need to make a pretty card or fancy scroll.

What’s Valentine’s Day without dessert? Cakes, chocolates and other snacks sell wildly on this day.

Whip up heart-shaped or red pastries and shop them around at local eateries, your office, neighbourhood and among family and friends. Carry along a business card for future orders.

You can visit online cake websites for more ideas on how to make your Valentine’s cakes even more special.

You can also consider turning chocolate-covered fruit into beautiful edible bouquets.

During the Valentine’s season, there’s huge demand for all sorts of services. At the top is babysitting for couples who want to enjoy the night and stay out a little longer than usual.

You can offer to babysit for relatives and neighbours at a fee. You can also offer to pet sit your friends’ fur babies at a cost.

But that’s not all. There are numerous other Valentine-themed services you can offer, including flower delivery, shuttling, make-up, gift wrapping or engraving gifts. Think creatively and advertise your services on WhatsApp groups and on social media.

Valentine’s Day, with all the sentiment that surrounds it, is prime time for engagements, and other relationship-specific photo ops. If you have a good eye and are already an amateur-ish photographer, then consider selling your talents.

If you can draw, paint, play an instrument or even make jewellery, consider offering a Valentine’s Day package for those looking to immortalise the day.

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