Simple ways to inject a countryside feel into your interior decor

If you are big on cosy and artistic ambience with a touch of countryside, then a rustic theme is a good option.

Here are a few quick and simple ways to go about it:

Select rustic furniture for your space. In the living room, this might be the coffee table and stools.

Remember, it helps to get good quality pieces you love that can take you through generations.

In the bedroom, it might be a rustic and majestic headboard that creates an ambience while in the dining room, or an elongated table takes the rustic glory with its aged look.

Do not make the mistake of mixing modern lighting with your rustic furniture. Instead, look for wrought iron reading lights, wall brackets or task lights in a kitchen.

A blend of wood and wrought iron will work wonders for your rustic ambience.

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Rustic ambience works well with earth colours like orange, brown, yellow and red to add warmth to your indoors space.

Use African fabrics, such as Maasai throws and kikois, to add an afro-centric character to the space you are decorating.

Also add other textures like natural reed carpets such as makuti mkeka to semi-cover the floor, a leather sofa with corduroy or velvet.

When selecting your accents, the sky is the limit to your creativity explore. Add an aluminium iron or a steel iron box or a traditional stove to create a traditional antique look that will add a style that is simple and classic, which transcends through the centuries.

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