Central Business District
Environment Ministry

Stiffer penalties timely

Four years in jail or a Sh4 million fine is part of the planned legislation by the Environment Ministry in fresh attempts by the national government to tame runaway pollution of air, water, and soil. Without a doubt, stiffer laws are required to rein in polluters, be they individuals or organisations, that, since time eons in this country, have been careless with garbage collection and treatment, ending up exposing people to untold suffering in diseases and death. This should stop.It is not uncommon finding unsightly mounds of garbage even within the Central Business District.Indeed, restaurants and other businesses have turned their backyards into dumping grounds while littering is slowly becoming the order of the day.However, the punitive laws and fines are not a new thing. The only thing that will make sense is enforcing the law and running useful and sustained public campaigns for companies and individuals to appreciate orderly environment where waste in taken seriously in the push for more livable homes, cities, and business premises.We ask the government to implement the law should it see the light of day.

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