There’s something wrong with Spotify’s pause button – it’s tearing internet apart

Spotify has revolutionised the music streaming industry and become the go-to source for music fans on their smartphones.

But it also appears the designers who created the app’s user interface (UI) have made a dramatic mistake that’s been tearing the internet apart.


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One eagle-eyed Spotify user has noted down a serious problem with the app’s humble pause button.

Reddit user sqrtoftwo posted his Earth-shattering discovery on the forum site where it was quickly picked up by other users of the service.

“The pause button icon in Spotify is off-center by 1px,” he posted on the /mildlyinfuriating section of the Reddit.

As you can expect – the discovery blew up and was soon being posted across the internet.

“Unsubscribing from Spotify,” wrote one commentator on Reddit.

Of course, now that it’s been seen – it can’t be unseen by the internet’s obsessive design fans.

Reddit user sqrtoftwo continued: “It looks like the two in the iOS app are both off-center as well.


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“The large play button that is visible when viewing the currently-playing track is off by 2px, while the smaller one that is right-aligned at the bottom of the screen the rest of the time is off by 0.5px.

“All three are too far left and the extent of the misalignment is roughly proportional to the size of the button. I wonder if it’s intentional.”

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