Valentine love messages

February is the month of love, and with it comes the overwhelming pressure to demonstrate the Valentine’s Day celebration by going out for expensive fine dining.

However, an indoor Valentine can be just as special – and the beauty is that you can decorate your rooms with the love theme and keep the theme going for a much longer duration and definitely much more affordable.

Let each room tell your love message from the living room to the bedrooms and kitchen. Pass on the message of love in every possible space in the living space. Here are some ideas to get you going.

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Food is a great love language and a great way to break the ice and awkwardness and high expectations that a Valentine’s event can bring.

Present the tableware in style by placing the cutlery on a love shaped craft paper. You can include a love message such as “You are the one for me” message to reinforce your love to your significant other.

Dress the table with wine glasses, and do not forget the gift.

Let your love theme extend to the bedroom. Express your love by using love heart themed bedding.

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A bedcover with a big love heart is a real inspiration especially if accompanied by red bed sheets.

Theme the bedroom in red and black.  A red accent wall can be used with functional shelves crafted in the inscriptions of the word ‘LOVE’.

These can house some favourite books or sentimental decorative items. Keep the bedroom area clutter-free and with a minimalist approach to maintain orderliness.

Include some sweet nibbling finger foods such chocolates or strawberries

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Love is precious and must be treasured. So as not to take your loved ones for granted.

Do not leave your loved one to wonder if you love them or take the risk of looking like you’re taking them for granted.

Find secret places where you can sneak in your sweet love notes where you are sure the message will be seen; such as on a lunch box, in their socks drawer, or on the dashboard of the car.

Leave evidence everywhere because it is better to over communicate rather than gambling with casting doubt to your loved one on whether your really love and value them.

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