Vet on Call: Why you should never give cows uji

However, when I enquire from them what results they obtain from feeding the porridge, the answer is often that the cow died, the cow went off feed and later started eating, but does not gain weight or that the cow just became weakly for the rest of its life.

Well, I would like to share why this practice should stop as it kills cattle. The bad results I have seen are not by chance or complication with any condition existing before the uji treatment. They are a result of the toxic effect of cereal grains in ruminants.

Owino, who said he works in Kirinyaga and has some cattle there, said the practice is common in the area but he did not believe it is beneficial to the animals. He asked if I could clarify on the issue.

One farmer told me he gave the uji to his wife every time she delivered. He did the same with his family dog and both had very good results but he thought their two cows had other problems because they died within three days of feeding on the porridge.

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