Nyeri County

Want to increase your stock? Try hormones

He is among the few farmers in Nyeri County who are using hormonal stimulators to synchronise their animals to be on heat at the same time.

He resorted to hormonal technology when he realised the animals could go for up to two years without being on heat.

When they did, it largely went unnoticed.

“I intend to be a breeder in two or three years and that is why many of my animals are heifers,” he said.

“I harvest the maize plants at the combing stage and have them chopped. I then add molasses to the heap to speed up fermentation. Then I cover it with a plastic paper before burying it,” he said.

While serving the animals, Mr Karoki gets a catalogue of semen in the market so as to analyse their traits and breeds.

“I have been using semen for local bulls, not sexed semen,” he said.

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