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Why ‘Because You Said So’ was worth the wait

Why ‘Because You Said So’ was worth the wait

Because You Said So’’ always receives top scores in my book for being the best improvisational (Improv for short) ensemble in Kenya. The only reservation comes when one is invited to their show starting at 4pm but their actual performance does not begin until 9pm! Then the only thing that’s worse is having ‘stand-up comics’ arrive around 5:30pm who are not very funny. And then, as if this is not painful enough, the same ‘comics’ come back as ‘curtain raisers’ and repeat the same jokes they had told beforeThe only exceptions were Jazz and Robert Muigui who performed a Beyoncé classic assisted by three random beauties who all did their own ‘dope’ dance to his soulful gyrations. That was hilarious. And then Jazz, the one female comedian in the lot was obviously uncomfortable in the early show, admitting she had never tried stand-up before. But by the second round, this girl had caught fire with jokes about her girth, her privileged past and her delight in letting people laugh with her.When the six improv’ stars came on stage, they performed for well over two hours to a house-full of adoring fans on the tented rooftop of the Junction mall. Jason Runo, Mugambi Nthiga, June Gachui, Justin Karunguru, Kevin (K1) Maina and Yafasi Musoke are all wizards who easily performed without rehearsals or scripts. They rely only on their quick wits, imagination and the chemistry they share with one another.Jason’s the one who founded this magical team who hardly have to flex a muscle to make their fandom laugh, clap and squeal. But this time round, Jason had a challenging agenda, suggesting awkward scenarios to the team like ‘Things you don’t want to hear your doctor say after he has asked you to undress’ or ‘Stop Wasting your time’. Then any twosome of the team quickly jumped up and dramatise the idea.Not easy at all, but that’s exactly why Because you Said So fans adore their instantaneous ability to rise to any occasion and make some clever sense out of the cue Jason’s given.My favourite scenario was their dramatising a ‘school’ classroom’. Somehow they came up with an Uber School for drivers. Every Because you Said So ‘teacher’ improvised notable ‘don’t do’s’, including every complaint that any Uber customer has endured.

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