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Yale University Signs MOA with KWS & KALRO in War against Tsetse Fly Diseases

Yale University, Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), and Kenyan Agricultural and Livestock Research Organisation (KALRO) today signed a memorandum of agreement in a collaborative partnership to fight tsetse fly diseases.

The scientists from the three parties will carry out collaborative research to establish a thorough understanding of the biological and ecological factors that drive the spread of tsetse fly diseases.

“Tsetse fly transmitted diseases have plagued human and animal health in tropical Africa, causing devastating epidemics and limiting agricultural and economic prosperity,” President Peter Salovey, Yale University stated.

“In Kenya, the human disease is under control although some risks remain in the national parks which are important for tourism.”

The scientists from Yale and KALRO will implement their findings through creating an effective policy framework of monitoring systems including the development of relevant outreach materials, exchange programs, and technical capacity development and technology transfer to improve tsetse fly and disease management in Kenya.

On the other hand, KWS will promote the partnership by allowing access to tsetse flies while benefiting from the training offered.

The MOA is in line with KALRO’s mandate of promoting, streamlining, coordinating, and regulating all aspects of research in agriculture and livestock development as well as promoting the implementation of research findings and technologies in the country.

The Public School of Health, Yale University, has contributed significantly to environmental sanitation, arbovirus research, vector-borne disease control, cancer, and polio.

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