Research for Genghis Capital is not only our main concern; it is what holds us together; it’s our support system. In line with the rapidly changing East African capital markets, we place great emphasis on research in order to exploit investment opportunities and provide our clients with accurate and timely information on local developments and market performance. Research paired up with technology remains our competitive and comparative advantage.

Our Research team, comprised of professionals with sector specific specializations, is tasked with providing deep, extensive and actionable reports that capture both global and regional macro-economical insight, sector insight in addition to company specific concepts.

Genghis Research adopts a top-down approach to market coverage. Liquidity and earnings momentum are key inputs in our market coverage matrix focusing on the top 40 counters listed on the NSE. We concentrate on the most dynamic industries and come up with in-depth analysis and reports that seek to demystify complex issues and emerging trends.

Daily Markets Notes:

Our resourceful and diligent research team cover and provide reports on what happens in the NSE on a daily basis in an effort to keep you abreast on your investment interests. They also provide commentaries on the currency ensuring you are up to date with the market.

Weekly Market Notes:

On a weekly basis, our proactive research team ensures that you are up to date with the NSE. They also provide information and commentaries on how the shilling closed.

In-depth Company Analysis:

We have a dedicated team of researchers carefully examining the market in an effort to evaluate the performance of companies. We give you our recommendations based on our careful assessment of their operations.

Fixed Income Analysis:

Our research team has unparallel market knowledge. Their level of expertise ensures you are in the know on the bond market trading. They also provide timely money market analysis and outlook.

Company Announcement:

Through our team, you are kept informed on mergers, company earnings and acquisitions. This ensures you are informed while you make investment decisions.

Company Earnings:

We provide timely earning updates of companies. This helps you keep track on a company’s performance ensuring you are in a position to make wise investment decisions.