Stock Brokerage

As the regional capital market continues to develop in size, scope and sophistication there is an increasing demand for specialized and personalized brokerage services. At Genghis Capital, through our pioneer product referred to as Relationship Brokerage, we offer personalized services that focus on fostering a relationship between broker and client. Put simply, this approach is based on service delivery driven by the power of relationships.

Our forte lies in ensuring our clients are up to speed with developments in the Bourse and the economy. Expertise, experience, and professionalism are some of the qualities we offer.

Under this function we offer Stock Brokerage and Equities Trading, Fixed Income Bonds Trading and Over-The-Counter Trading (OTC);

  • Equities Trading – As one of our primary constituents of our core business, Stock brokerage involves the trading of shares and other securities on behalf of our clients. We, however, go a step further by ensuring that our clients’ transactions are executed on time and with accuracy.
  • Fixed Income Trading – The Genghis bond trading team is efficient, effective and capable. We offer our clients services depending on their preference, investment objectives, time frame, and risk.
  • Over The Counter (OTC) Trading – Genghis offers OTC services mainly for unlisted companies’ shares. Also known as share valuation service, OTC trading facilitates the exchange of unquoted shares and their possible use by lending institutions to extend credit.