Stock Brokerage

Genghis Capital offers revolutionary personalized services to its diverse clientele. It is this approach to financial investment services that we call relationship brokerage. Relationship brokerage is an approach to service delivery that is driven by the power of the relationship between the broker and the client. The range of our services and our growing client base is the testimony of our capacity as a brokerage house.

Our forte lies in ensuring our clients are up to speed with developments at the bourse and the economy; research and technology remain our competitive and comparative advantage. Experience, expertise, and professionalism are some of the qualities you can expect from our team.

  • Stock Brokerage & Equities Trading
    This is one of the primary constituents of our core business at Genghis Capital Investment Bank. Stock brokerage ordinarily involves the trading of shares and other securities on behalf of our clients. We, however, go a step further by ensuring that our clients’ transactions are executed in time and with accuracy. Our mobile app has also opened up stocks trading to the retail market.
  • Fixed Income Bonds Trading
    Genghis holds a significant proportion of the fixed income market on the Nairobi Securities Exchange. We attribute this position to the efficiency and capabilities of our bond trading team. We place great value in our investment advisory capabilities and it is for this reason that we offer our clients both discretionary and non-discretionary portfolio management services through our dedicated relationship with account managers. This value-added service is purely dependent on the preferences of our clients and is often tied to their investment objectives, time frame, and perception of risk.
  • Over The Counter (OTC) Trading
    Genghis Capital offers this service primarily for unlisted companies’ shares. Also known as the share valuation service, this facilitates the exchange of unquoted shares and their possible use by lending institutions to extend credit.
  • Private Wealth
    With our discretionary mandate, we free our clients from the task of making day-to-day investment decisions.
  • Agency Network
    Genghis Capital appoints agents for the purpose of sourcing orders to enter into the NSE Transactions order list in accordance with the terms and conditions governing the agents’ agreements. Genghis is proud to have a presence through appointed agents in the following towns; Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Kisumu, Thika, Nyeri, Karatina, Makueni, Kinangop, and Kampala.


Download Available: How to Open a Genghis CDSC Account.